Let me help you heal your body

The Luz Femenina Healthy Hormones Coaching Program

Based on what’s crucial to healing, aimed at treating the root cause of hormonal imbalance, with a whole bunch of personalized support and inspiration along the way from someone who once felt how you do now.

What's Included

*Ten 60-minute coaching sessions. We’ll meet twice a month for 5 months. We’ll explore and change your self-limiting beliefs. I’ll teach you how the female body works. Together we’ll overcome your unhealthy eating habits to create a healthier relationship with food and write the personal food prescription that will heal your hormones. We’ll create practical meal plans and I’ll share recipes you’ll love. I’ll hold you accountable to making time to love yourself up and tap into your full potential.

*Nine 15-minute check-ins. During the weeks we don’t meet for a full hour, we’ll touch base. This is our chance to fine tune as you create new habits in your life. You can ask questions, tell me what’s felt challenging or what’s felt wonderful, just vent, or we can plan your next week of meals. Whatever it is, I’m there to support you.

*“In the Kitchen with Steffi.” You’ll receive my personal recipe book with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sweet treats and savory snacks. These practical, nutrient-dense recipes are always gluten and dairy free and sometimes vegan, raw or paleo.

*Luz Femenina Whole Foods Cleanse. During the program, you’ll have the chance to complete a hormone balancing, whole foods cleanse. You’ll receive a detailed 5-day cleanse plan with recipes and journaling exercises, and as always, have my support 24/7.

*Lifetime Membership to the Luz Femenina Community. You’ll experience the healing power of community, too, as you connect with like-minded women from around the world who are also in the Healthy Hormones program. Our secret facebook group, which you’ll have access to for life, is your place to be inspired and inspire other women to be their healthiest selves.

*Sessions are offered over skype, phone or in person in New York

Together we can do great things if you...

Now that you’re ready to feel and look your best, email me personally to let me know! Ask me any questions, share how you’re feeling and tell me what excites you about working together.

From there, we’ll set up a time to meet for a 45-minute consult session. During our session, we’ll discuss your responses to the pre-consult questionnaire I will have sent you. We’ll also talk in more detail about how you’re feeling now and how you want to feel. All of that will help me understand what’s happening in your body and see whether you’re a fit for the Healthy Hormones program. This time together also gives you the chance to see if working through the program feels right.

Our consult call costs $50 and is deducted from the price of the program once you enroll.

The price of the Healthy Hormones program is 4 monthly installments of $325. Or you can pay $1,200 in full.

Supporting your health, always,


If you're digging this and want to know how else you can work with Steffi, email info@luzfemenina.com to schedule her for a private workshop, group cleanse or talk at your next event or girls get together.

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