Success Stories


Director of Hospital Operations & Mother , Miami

I remember using ovulation kits, taking my basal body temperature, and making graphs of my ovulation to figure out what was going on. We were trying for a baby and I wasn’t getting my period, but the pregnancy tests kept coming out negative. I knew something was wrong. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS.

I immediately went to the Reproductive Endocrinologist and started testing so I could start on medication. Two months into the process, I was pregnant. Since I was being monitored so closely, my blood was taken two weeks after ovulation, and my pregnancy hormone levels came back low. My blood was taken three days later and the numbers went up, and I was told I was fine. I was fine until I had a miscarriage.

I was heartbroken and feeling a ton of emotions. I kept thinking back at my low numbers and wondering what I could have done differently. I had no clue why my body didn’t maintain the pregnancy. I felt confused, frustrated, and was losing hope that my body could even do this.

Today I know that that pregnancy was not meant to be. When you’re in it though, it’s nearly impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All I knew for sure then, was that I wanted to have a baby. My doctor prescribed birth control to regulate my cycle, but my first attempt to get pregnant off birth control, failed. At that point, my doctor suggested I consider IVF. I knew my body hadn’t been responding but I wanted to try one more time. That’s when I connected with Stefanie.

I learned so much more than I ever knew from Stefanie about my body and PCOS. I never knew how much diet, exercise and overall well-being could impact my health. After starting to work with Stefanie, I felt a renewed sense of self and a new found confidence to face this challenge in my life. I was able to get pregnant again and my hormone levels were high! In fact, the difference was dramatic and I was totally shocked! To top it off, I have been able to maintain a very healthy pregnancy!

I must say that I never thought I would be where I am today. While I was going through my miscarriage, and even after, I had many doubts about my body’s ability to have a baby. Even though so many of us have miscarriages, it’s very easy to feel alone. I never thought I would be able to stand here today with a healthy pregnancy, so confident about the future! I never thought I would be able to feel so empowered and in control of my body. My body was definitely controlling me for as long as I can remember.

I want to thank Stefanie for all her help, love and support. Throughout my journey there have been very high, highs and very low, lows. Stefanie was always there to support me and help bring back my optimism about the entire process. I truly believe that I could not have done this without her, and for that I am forever grateful!

Working with Stefanie literally saved my life. At the time I met her I was fatigued throughout the day but wasn’t sleeping well, was having random bouts of eczema and hair loss and  wasn’t eating well. I was overly stressed 24-7. Looking back I was kind of a mess, but from my vantage point this was normal for me; I barely even understood that it could  be different. I had gone to the doctor and he only offered sleeping pills. My MD and many people close to me wrote it off as depression, suggesting that by sheer force of will I could overcome it.

Through the recommendation of a friend I signed up for Stefanie’s Luz Femenina 5-day cleanse. The tiny shifts that took place during this time made all the difference in my ability to see that things could be different, that perhaps my depression was a symptom and not the cause of my physical state. During those days we looked at food as medicine from a scientific and intuitive approach. Perhaps the most impactful part for me was the visualization of how I wanted to feel, and Stefanie’s guidance and assurance that I could have that.

I began the Luz Femenina Healthy Hormones Healing Program with Stefanie and even extended the program a few months beyond the traditional program. It’s hard to pinpoint the one thing that helped the most, but here is my earnest try: Stefanie is consistent and ever compassionate in her support. She met me wherever I was at, despite the many ups and downs that occurred as I changed my approach to my life and wellness. She went deep with me, and provided encouragement that lightened the load. Her knowledge marries science and intuition in a completely practical and obtainable package. There is a foundational curriculum, but everything was individualized. Her program is well thought-out and organized, yet feels free-flowing in its implementation. How I eat and choose to spend my time are now based on what my body is telling me I need as opposed to what I think I should be doing. So much health has resulted from this and my quality of life has improved dramatically. Stefanie is truly a modern healer, bar none!



Public health nurse , Hawaii



Co-Owner of Bammies, Miami

I had wanted to get off birth control for years. Taking the pill felt unnatural, caused me to gain weight, and I knew it wasn’t getting to the root of healing my irregular periods. I had seen numerous doctors and alternative healers, but it wasn’t until meeting Stefanie that I finally found the support I needed to make getting off the pill a reality; without having my symptoms of irregular painful periods come back (and I had tried once unsuccessfully in the past).

After having tried so many other healing modalities, I felt burnt out, even skeptical. But from the start Stefanie’s approach felt different, and it felt right. She was knowledgeable about what was happening in my body, she was gentle, yet confident, and she was practical about how we’d approach it all. It intuitively felt right and it worked.

With Stefanie’s coaching I stopped the pill and (added bonus!) my thyroid medication. Having worked together to create a healthy foundation in my body, in the first month that I transitioned off the pill and my medication, my period was regular. Yes, I now have a regular cycle, for the first time in my entire life!

Some of my other favorite takeaways from the program were creating a healthier relationship with food and learning how to be aware of my body’s fertility patterns as a method of natural birth control.

I continually looked forward to my sessions with Stefanie and loved having her around as not only my coach, but what felt like my friend, and my guide.

I’m forever grateful to Stefanie, her worked change not only my health, but my life.

I met Stefanie after she contacted me about doing some workshops through my yoga studio in Buenos Aires. From the first meeting I was struck by how knowledgeable and well prepared she was, and ended up wanting to do her full Luz Femenina Healthy Hormones healing program myself.

I was constantly amazed at how comprehensive it was. I love the holistic approach and it clearly works! Halfway through the program, my menstrual cycle, which had been a short 22 days for the last 20 years, had extended to a healthy 28 days with a normal flow.

I loved Stefanie’s approach to wholesome eating. At first I thought it would be difficult to cut out processed sweets (living in the land of sweet white flour products) but with Stefanie’s guidance I learned to indulge in healthier ways and I found myself completely satisfied. As a result, my cravings to eat between meals diminished almost entirely.

Stefanie has a way of being very encouraging and clear without being judgmental. Her program helped me knit together a lot of things I already knew about nourishing myself and listening to my body within simple, achievable guidelines. She is always available and is obviously genuinely concerned about my well- being. I have already recommended friends to work with Stefanie in the Luz Femenina Program!



co-founder of BuenaOnda Yoga creator/chef Jueves a la Mesa



 Journalist, Buenos Aires

I’ve always been health conscious, but the experience of working with Stefanie towards my feminine health goals was life altering. Over a few months, Stefanie guided me on a healing journey that led me to vibrancy and health. I learned what my body needed and wanted and how to treat myself to optimize wellbeing.

I especially loved the “food as medicine” approach of the program, which was an area where I found I really needed guidance. Specific ingredients, food combinations, new recipes – it was all much appreciated. Naturally, this part literally revolutionized the way I eat (and thus the way I shop for food) and felt great. About a month into the program, I looked in my kitchen and I felt almost as an outsider would. I saw the shelves stacked with healthy whole grains, nuts and spices, and the refrigerator packed with colorful veggies and proteins. It was so beautiful to see myself bringing vitality to my life!

Stefanie shares deep knowledge and insight into the workings of the female body, mind and spirit, and tailored the program to my specific needs. I’m now armed with a number of insights and tools to continue using after the program! As a healthier, better Jess, I can focus on other areas of my life that have space to be filled up, namely bringing creativity into each day. It’s awe-inspiring to think about how far I’ve come in six months. Thank you!