I’m thrilled to meet you

I’ve seen too many women put their life on hold as they suffer with uncomfortable health symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. I don’t want you to be one of them, anymore.

The mood swings that have you bickering with your partner each month, the painful periods that keep you home from work, the lack of periods that have you stressed about why your body isn’t working, the fibroids and cysts that keep coming back, the acne or weight gain that has you hiding from mirrors, the infertility that’s preventing you from experiencing motherhood...

Those symptoms, whether you realize it or not, have likely caused you to put your dreams on the backburner and your life on hold. It happened to me.

In my early 20’s I was living what seemed to be a glamorous and healthy lifestyle; I was working in the fashion industry in New York City, participating in triathlons, always being careful about what I ate.

But then one day I couldn’t get out of bed. I was exhausted. My period hadn’t come for three years. I had symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. My mood was down in the dumps.

That day, I faced the truth about my health, and set out on a journey to heal. I saw a slew of doctors who offered me only prescription drugs and the birth control pill. Intuitively I knew these pills were a just a quick fix alternative to healing what was really happening in my body.

And so I began to see alternative healers, nutritionists, counselors and therapists. I started to practice restorative yoga and later enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. While no one treatment alone was enough to heal my symptoms, together, they helped me define the root cause of my symptoms; hormonal imbalance, and piece together the essentials of what was needed to heal.

After a long journey (it needn’t be long for you), I regained my health. And it turned my life upside down, in a good way. A really good way.

My experience healing was so profound that I became passionate about sharing it with others. The essentials of what are needed to heal the body, proven not just by my own experience, but also by scientific studies (yes, I was so curious, I spent months researching the techniques that comprise the program), became the basis for the Healthy Hormones Coaching Program, which I offer to women around the world.

That’s what I’m here to share with you, so that you too can stop suffering, and start living the life of your dreams.

And wait, hear me out. Yes, we’re going to make changes to your life. And change can feel scary and frustrating. But I promise you, I’ve poured my heart and soul into making this program not only effective but downright fun, practical and all around delicious.

And it should be.

Change doesn’t stick when things feel boring, rigid and overwhelming.

After all, I don’t just want you to heal the symptoms you never thought you could heal. I want to change your life, turn it upside, get you dreaming and living again. That’s the ultimate fulfillment for me.

So be in touch, get to know me and my program, and together let’s change your health and your life.


Professional Bio

Women's Health Coach and Founder of Luz Femenina, Stefanie Kleinburd is on a mission to inspire women to enjoy a healthy, harmonious life, in mind and body. Stefanie is a graduate of Columbia University, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and YogaWorks, in New York. She's also a trained Psych-K facilitator. Before founding Luz Femenina, she worked for other companies related to nutrition and women’s hormonal health. With her passion for reproductive health, and personal experience in how to apply it to her own life, Stefanie created a mind-body program, which treats the symptoms of menstrual disorders and infertility by restoring hormonal balance. Compassionate and insightful, Stefanie guides her patients to live life in a new way, incorporating healthy habits into their routines. Stefanie also inspires women through workshops and live talks. She recently spoke about mindfulness and feminine energy at Espacio Mujer, an event with over 30,000 attendees, held in La Rural convention center, in Argentina. She lives in New York with her husband and daughter.